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What the?

What are the three most common things I see in a piece of writing that tells me that the writer is a non-native English speaker? 1.      The choice of tense (past/present/future) is suitable for what is being discussed (including aspect which means the continuous form or not – I do vs. I am doing…) 2.      Subject and …

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Say, what?

? Do you have trouble understanding some (or all) native English speakers? ? Can you understand non-native English speakers more clearly? ? Do you find reading English much easier than listening to speech? ? Do you have reasonable actual knowledge of English and your ability to use it correctly, but you don’t sound natural when …

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Three Simple Steps to Improve Your English Communication Skills

Are you dreaming of making an impact in the workplace but struggling with communicating in English? As a mining professional, you might feel that you spend way too much time trying to improve your English, only to continue to have trouble effectively and simply communicating in English. You’ve watched countless videos, studied grammar books, and …

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