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Is Poor English a Problem for Your Job?

Doing global business means you need to express yourself and communicate clearly with foreigners.

But having a conversation with advanced level English speakers can be frustrating.

It is sometimes hard to explain yourself properly during meetings, on the telephone or face-to-face situations. This can leave a bad impression.

I Can Help You Speak Business English Correctly

All my lessons focus on practical communication and confidence with Business English for the Mining and Minerals Industry. Learn the most effective way to express yourself in professional situations.

Your boss, colleagues, and business partners will be impressed with your natural and professional style.

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  • You can be fluent and still make occasional grammatical mistakes
  • You can be fluent and have an accent
  • You can be fluent and not have an enormous vocabulary in English
  • If you can speak fluently, you will feel more confident speaking
  • If you are confident, you will speak more, practice more and improve even further

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About Me

Hi. My name is Kirsten.
Welcome to my landing page!

I am currently living in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.
I am passionate about helping people use English in their work and professional lives.

I have an addiction to adventure and travel that I share with my family, and we often find ourselves in some inspiring locations in all corners of the world.

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My Qualifications

English Level: Native Speaker
Accent: Australian
20+ years as a Development Chemist/Senior Process Engineer and workplace trainer/ex-pat in the Minerals Industry (both technical and communications trainer)
Qualifications: TEFL Certificate
Education: Bachelor of Chemistry (Hons.)



Chemical Engineer, Melbourne, Australia, 41

Kirsten was the first colleague who welcomed me in Australia back in 2008 when I was a graduate engineer from Colombia. She taught me everything that I needed to be able to achieve good results at work. Today, Kirsten is a good mentor and coach who is always there to support and guide me through different topics where I need help to assess some issues at work. She is intelligent, capable of understanding foreign languages and is always available to help you improve yourself.



Senior Process Engineer, Turkey, 35.

Kirsten helped me to improve my skills in speaking English. Thanks to her, I can communicate better at my workplace and in any other social situation.

Limited Times Available

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How to Take Your English Communication Skills from Intermediate/Advanced to “Natural” and Really Get Noticed in the Workplace as a Mining and Minerals Industry Professional